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Azadi Mubarak

It has been a long time since I blogged on my page and have been motivated by close friends to start doing it once again never got to it. Eventually a couple of days back I bought my old domain again “Saadrahman.com” which I will resume shortly but in the mean time that it was not activated decided to blog here and start of with a good day such as “14th August”.

So in the morning I got various mixed feelings since my email box was getting filled with all kind of emails such as “why should we celebrate Aug 14 when we have not done anything”….etc. On that I decided to send a couple of friends a text message asking “Why should we celebrate 14th August? What have we done that we should celebrate it … what are your thoughts?”

On this I received some responses which I would like to share (with keeping the authors anonymous):

1. Unfortrunately hum nay aisa kuch nahin kiya but hamaray buzurgoon nay bohat jidojahad kay baad yeh watan hasil kiya hai. We should not take it for granted. Happy Independence Day anyway ­čÖé Pakistan Zindabad ­čÖé

2. We were freed from practicing 1 religion, we were freed to bomb each other in mosques, we were freed to ruin our economy…all the freedom in the world is what we celebrate on this momentous day

3. Haan hai ka Allah hamaray saath hai. Hum naay apni sari kooshish kee hai kay yaa mulk khatam hoo jaiy but Allah naa iss koo kiam rakha howa hai. So for god sake celebrate this day ­čÖé

4. Regarding your mobile message, thinking that we have not done anything is just an inferiority complex. Pakistan is an open door to do big but of course there is an internal as well as external resistance. Independence day should not be celebrated by wasting money but I would say setting up easier livelihood for people as shown in the attached image would be a better idea than riding a motor bike on one wheel.

Along with us, others are also serving Pakistan like this foreigner http://www.threecupsoftea.com/


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“Mian Arshad Saleem” <arshad_cr@yahoo.com>

Following website provides very good information about suitability of particular food items for different ethnic groups.
http://www.food-info.net/uk/index. htm

There is very good information specially about “E-Numbers”. The contents are prepared and maintained
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Halal and Haram

Halal and Haram

Click on the image or save it on your computer to be able to read the complete text.

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