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Originally posted on swedenpk@yahoogroups.com mailing list on March 11, 2008

Asalam Alekum,

First of all I would like to inform you the situation in which I made the call. Due to some problems at both the ends the voice could not be conveyed properly and I tried my level best to get as many answers as possible.

To most of my questions regarding the confirmation or email regarding receiving documents being received the person replied that they are working on the documents and they were not expecting such a huge response due to which they are behind schedule. And it is also not possible to confirm each and every thing.

Q. My application says “Not processed” / “Under assessment”
A. I found the answer for this on the website where it is stated – Should an application alternative be marked “Not processed” or “Under assessment” this indicates that the course or programme has not been fully processed yet.  (In short nothing to worry about).

Q. What does SG & MR mean?
A. These are for the internal evaluation and do not need to be considered or bothered about. (Its a way by which they make a translation of a foreign degree to a Swedish degree.)

Q. It says on my profile that there are 15 messages waiting but when u follow that link there are no messages ( the space next to the bullets are empty wrt each uni)
A. This is a Technical problem of the system so in reality there are no messages which should be viewed by the user.

There was also questions regarding sending of documents and them not being evaluated properly. The person on the help line said that if you think there are any kind of documents that need to be attached or sent please send them anyway.

My personal advice to all those who think they have additional documents are to please send them anyway – both to Studera and to your target university (just to make it double sure). Because if you miss it at one end you will probably get it done from the other end. (This is just my personal thought). Actually no final decisions have been made. They are all in the process. It is very much possible that all documents have not been processed.

The centralized system I think has been done because after giving you admission the University will inform Studera which will make sure that students do not get entered in multiple programs and only join the program which is of their top priority. Earlier I know cases where people had 2-3 university acceptances and they confirmed to all 3 and joined none of them. So this in effect wastes the seat which could have been availed by some one else.

So everybody do not worry and just have faith in Allah. InshAllah very soon everyone will get a response. Also we must bear in mind that when we say “InshAllah” it means that “If God willing…”. so if Allah wants it to be than so it shall be.

Also I am sorry if I could not convey your message to the exact query mentioned in the emails addressed to me. Sorry for that.

Saad Rahman


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“Mian Arshad Saleem” <arshad_cr@yahoo.com>

Following website provides very good information about suitability of particular food items for different ethnic groups.
http://www.food-info.net/uk/index. htm

There is very good information specially about “E-Numbers”. The contents are prepared and maintained
by researchers from universities.

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“Omer Shafiq” <omershafique@gmail.com>
After registering yourself as a user in the website you can download the software into your system. When you would register you would get your userid and password in your email.That userid will be your tpad number.
Inside the website (on the homepage at the bottom) you will find a link named ”break in numbers” there you will find different telephone numbers for Pakistani cities e.g lahore 2008587
Now when you have both these information you will have to give your relatives e.g your family the following information to call you and superb thing is that when they will call you it will be ptcl to ptcl call/a local call and now i have heared that local call is free in Pakistan so it will be a free call, so you will have to give the following information suppose,
First give tpad number i.e ur userid to your family/friends: 2085654
then ask them to dial this number to call you (suppose from lahore) they will have to dial: 2008587
When your family/friends will dial 2008587 a lady voice will ask them to enter code number then they will have to enter your user id that is e.g 2085654, and on that bell will ring in your computer e.g in Sweden … in your tpad software and you will have to pick the phone and talk with them…..absolutley freely.
Remember: you do not need to buy any credit of tpad……because you can receive calls free of cost from Pakistan whereas if still you want to call from tpad then you can buy some credit. Secondly you must be online and login in order to receive these calls from Pakistan from your friends or family, otherwise they can leave message which will arrive in your email.
Summary of tpad features
Free incoming calls from PTCL (Paki landlines)
Outgoing call from ptcl from Pakistan to your software/tpad will be free (as local calls from ptcl to ptcl is free)
Can be best for those people in Pakistan e.g. ones family/ones friends who dont know how to handle computer or yahoo messenger etc so they just need a ptcl telephone to talk to you.

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This post has moved to http://www.paksirzameen.net

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