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The missing brick

The missing brick
“Abdul Basit” <chaudharybasit@yahoo.co.uk>
Once, when I and my wife were teravelling, I received a fax from my secretary.
‘There’s one glass brick missing for the work on the kitchen renovation, ‘she said.Í’m sending you the
original plan as well as the plan the builder has come up with to compensate for it.’
On the one hand was the design my wife had made: harmonious lines of bricks with an opening for ventilation. On the  other hand was the plan drawn up to resolve the problem of the missing brick: a real jigsaw puzzle in which te glass squares were arranged in higgledy-piggledy fashion that defied aesthetics.
‘Just buy another brick,’wrote my wife. And so they did and thus stuck to the original design.
That afernoon, I thought for a long time about wat had happened; how often, for the lack of one brick, we completely distort the original plan of our lives.

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The slayer of dragons
“Abdul Basit” <chaudharybasit@yahoo.co.uk>
Zhuangzi, the famous Chinese writer, tells the story of Zhu Pingman, who
went in search of a teacher in order to learn the best way to slay dragons.
The teacher trained Pingman for ten whole years, until he had honed to
perfection the most sophisticated dragon-slaying techniques.
Pingman spent the rest of his life looking for dragons in order show off his
skills: to his great disappointment, he never found a single dragon.
The writer of the story comments: ‘We all prepare ourselves to slay dragons,
but end up instead being devoured by the ants of the details that we never bothered to look at.’

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